LaForza F21M Stainless Steel Espresso Machine 220v or 110V Totally Made in Italy


LaForza F21M Stainless Steel Espresso Machine 220v or 110V Totally Made in Italy

The best Espresso Machine we have ever used producing perfect Italian Espresso, 

LaForza F21M Espresso Machine 110V US or 220V EU MODEL 
very good quality and very beautiful machine with real group and heavy BRASS boiler NO thermoblock!! 

LaForza espresso machines are designed and Totally MADE IN ITALY using the components and the materials adopted from the professional machines in order to let all coffee lovers enjoy the best possible espresso and cappuccino at home, at the office with their friends.

The machine is equipped with a real brass boiler unit with two-way dispenser for use with ground coffee or alternatively with ESE-type wafer suitable for use with a specific transformation kit. 
The machine is equipped with a 3 liter water container. 
The ideal machine for those who love quality performance and reliability to last for many years.

Ideal if you combine it with La Forza F19MM on demand stainless steel grinder.

This machine can be used for domestic use, small community or small business, to exclusively produce espresso coffee with the use of ground coffee, steam to heat beverages or emulsify milk and hot water.

Features shared by all the product in this line:

  • 250 ml brass boiler, to keep constant its water temperature and facilitate the coffee extraction.
  • Manometer Gauge to be able to see the bar’s for perfect extraction
  • Anti-drop system with a three-way valve. It avoids the dropping of the main group once the coffee extraction process is over and also having to wait between two coffee extractions.
  • Stainless steel appliance body and cup warmer on top of the machine.
  • 57 mm Brass filterholder to be used either with ground coffee or coffee pods.
  • Security thermostat and security valve for a better pressure control.
  • Separate hot water valve and button with anti-drop system.
  • Chrome steam wand
  • Ready in 3-5 minutes.


Voltage:                                        220/240 V / 50Hz-110 / 120V-60Hz

Power:                                         1100 W

Weight:                                              8.0 Kg.

Water container capacity:            3 Lt.

Dimensions:                                    340x280x330 mm.

 110V US and 220V  EU /60,50hrz  TOTALLY MADE IN ITALY
 Product image may differ from actual  product due to production changes and improvements

Shipped using DHL express, NO Duties or TAX upon Delivery to the US for below $800 value.



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